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It's simple.. not poetic.. Simple. Pure. TRUTH.

In the event of struggle: Turn around. He's right behind you.
In the event of broken heart: Turn around. He's right behind you.
In the event of twilight tears: Turn around. He's right behind you.

There seems to be a common theme here.

I know that it's something we all know.. but it never hurts to be reminded, and drilled, and prodded, and poked, and reminded again, just how wonderful, merciful, and compassionate the Lord is. A constant drone of GOD IS GREAT!!! can't ever hurt-- it heals. The little voice that raises above all others...

It's calling to you...


In the dry place, He's there. In times of flood, He's there. His waters can heal and destroy all. You, child, He chooses to heal, and embrace, and lift up. He has you wrapped so tightly within Himself and His heart. He longs for you deeper. He longs for you closer. He longs for you to embrace Him and He embraces you. He's crying with you, broken hearted lover. He's singing with you, child of praise. He's holding your hand as you write the papers, take the tests, lose the daylight in your books. He's there as you run, love. He's the drive behind each footstep. He holds you at night as you cry when you think no one is listening. He laughs at the jokes no one seems to get. He scolds you gently when you stray from His path. He smiles as you revel in His awesome mystery. He is your best friend, your parent, your child, your deepest love. He taught us how to love. He taught us how to hurt. He dwells in the core of who you are. He is your heart. He's sending His message of love to your mind CONSTANTLY. Listen. He wants everything for you. He is everything. Realization of that, it vital. Glorify Him. In all that you are and all that you do and all that you speak.. speak His word. Sing of His promises. Be. Be with your Daddy tonight, will you? Just, be.
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