Carlo (omnius) wrote in gods_warriors,

Knowledge of Heart, not Mind

Everyone always talks about how You died for our sins and rose again.

It's something I've come to hear everyday.
I'm sorry to say it Lord but it's something that becomes trivialized. It becomes a "matter of fact," instead of a "matter of heart" or a "matter of reverence and ultimate respect" or a "matter of tears." I'm not saying that we are all wrong for letting it just become another fact of our christianity, but Lord... to even get an idea. I don't ever want to forget.

It's sad, but if you don't know, how can you love the way you were meant to love?

It's so easy to say Thank You Lord, Thank You Lamb. or at least it used to be...
I found myself choking up as I sang those words this morning, and that is something I never want to forget.

I also can't help but laugh now Lord. It gives me such awesome joy to know a fraction of what you've done for Your favorite son.

I'll love You, forever. I'll love You, forever.
There is nothing like Your Love.
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