Carlo (omnius) wrote in gods_warriors,


Something that God gave me:

Problems, everyone has them. I know it is hard for me to say this, because when I do, I have to live it. When we have problems, we seek out people who are experiencing the same things we are because they "know what it's like." There is one problem with that though...
How can one drowning person save another?
If he tries to help he can't do anything but cause both of them to sink faster.

When you have a problem, you need someone in a safe, secure boat to extend thier hand and pull you on board. That's when you are assured to be brought to safety.
Whether the person has never experienced your problem or they have an they've delt with it, they are the people in the boat. They are the ones who can help.

I know for me, it's hard to seek help from people who don't experience the same thing because of pride. Ultimately though, humbling yourself (as most everyone knows...) is one of the best things you can do. Admitting to others as well as the LORD, that this is indeed an issue.

Please, when you need help, don't ask for it from someone drowning with you, look to the people extending thier hands from the safe place.
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