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How great is He!!?!!

Tonight driving home from class I was watching the moonrise. I'm surprised I didn't get into an accident. But along with watching such a great thing, I was listening to Hillsong. As soon as I got home I went for a walk. I live by a lake, so just down the road there is a little bridge. Walking down there I was so excited. I couldn't get there fast enough. I stood there for a while praying. It was so nice. Watching the moon glazing over the calm lake, but then still hearing the rushing waters of the fall.
I still have lots of work to do on what I prayed for, but at least I'm starting to get back on track. I really don't feel like I got too far off the path in the first place, but God will probably show me otherwise. A big thing I prayed for tonight was His help in my obedience. When He says move, I should move. When He says stop, I'll stop. I just need to listen and pay attention. But paying attention can be so difficult when there is so much going on.
The praying was good tonight. But I still feel like I need to clear my head and heart. I need to get a lot off of my chest to Him. And He knows all that's going through my head right now. So Lord, please take my thoughts and do with them what You will. Lead them in the direction of the right path. Let me break down before You because I can't do this alone. This life, I don't know how people think they can. I need to be with You.

I've listened to "God of Creation" so many times the past couple days. It just came on and tonight it's hitting home. It paints a picture of what I saw at the lake tonight.

"It's the way your stars shine
Sometimes so bright I swear I could hear
It's the way the moonlight
Falls on this mountain lake so clear...

...God of creation
Take my breath away
God of the heavens
In this very space...

...It's the way You form Your words
On my heart while I rest in You

Show me where to go. What to do. You know all. I get so confused. But so excited. I just don't know what to do sometimes. Let me discern what is right, and what You will have me do from what I want to do.
I feel like I'm going two different directions at once. In some areas I'm making progress, but still I feel like nothing is going the right way... in those same areas. It just gets so frustrating. And to talk to someone here on earth about it, they just don't seem to understand. At least not ones that I know. Lord, You do understand. So why do I feel like I'm waiting for so long? Patience is soo hard to deal with sometimes. Why can't I just be like everyone else? Please oh please Lord, since You have me going through this, let me be of use for You in some way because of it. I really don't have an understanding of how that would happen, but I do pray for it.
"My love for You, My heart for You, My life for You, All I AM for You."
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