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.. random God thoughts...

As an initial thought.. I changed the page.. please check it out and let me know what you think........ it's nothing major. It's actually very simple. I really like it, however..

Ok, so.........

People constantly ask me what it's like to be a teen mom-- young mother-- single with a baby-- and I always tell them how blessed I am and how Andrew, my son, has created a whole new goal for life. I tell them how God blessed me with him knowing that I would face times when I could lose myself and I would turn to my motherhood as a means of grounding. I always credit God for bestowing upon me the greatest gift--- another human life. *smile* I think of that as the greatest gift, referring to Jesus, but as a mother I have begun to gain this whole new perspective.. it's pretty amazing.

Not until tonight did I begin to consider something different. I, on the way home from picking him up from Julie's, had this sudden urge to call my Grandma, Aunt, and cousins in Florida. I called and played musical phone call; I talked to each one of them about life and where they were going, how they've been etc.. My grandma loves to talk, always has, and kept me on the phone triple the time that anyone else did. She asked about work, school, relationship past and present, Andrew, friends and I spilled to her the summary of the past few months. At one point we got on the topic of Andrew and I began to tell her about my view-- how he was a blessing to teach me strength at the most trying times and she suddenly threw a "no" at me. She began to tell it like this:
"I believe that the devil placed hardships in you life as a means to drag you down. I believe that your pregnancy was one of those hardships. I believe that, because of God, and through God, you began to see the beauty in it. I believe that God, in response to the situation in which you found yourself, decided that He wouldn't let you fall and he would bring out the blessing of a baby..."
.. or something along those lines. That's a hard concept..... I'm not quite sure what I think about that besides the fact that, in the end, God is the hero and all things are as they should be....

Andrew is a blessing in my life, regardless. If I never again have a baby [miscarriages are common in my family.. my mom has had 7] I will live with a heart full of love for my short man. *smile* He has taught me more about God, and having a real relationship with God, than I believe any "man of God" ever could. You won't understand until you have a child... and when you do, I pray that we have this talk... over and over again. God speaks wonders to a parents' heart..........

Good night. I love you--- more than you probably fathom. God Bless.
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